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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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    Mass burial being conducted for Christians massacred in Northern Nigeria

    The first half of 2020 witnessed over 1000 deaths of Christians and 500 burnt churches in Northern Nigeria. Sadly, the country’s local media tend to downplay the situation, reporting these killings as mere inter communal/ tribal clashes. But series of evidence point to a coordinated, progressive genocide against Christians. For the Christians living in Northern Nigeria, life is without freedom. To publicly identify as a Christian is almost a suicide attempt. Many Christians dress less obviously, do not identify openly, live an extremely less sociable life and are as shadows among their people. New converts require to be whisked away to asylum and safe havens for fear of being killed. Properties worth millions of naira have been destroyed, farm lands and rural inheritance belonging to believers, forcefully taken.

    Seminarians proceeding to bury their dead

    Yet the nation’s government is yet to acknowledge the portent of an escalating extremism and bloody pogrom within its shores. The Nigerian Government has adopted a piss-poor knee jerk to the situation. It reacts, rather abysmally, only when there is an outcry from the US, the UK and other concerned members of the international community. Other times, it dismisses these unabated pogrom as mere communal clashes or officially stands in denial of the existence of these events, labelling it as either politically motivated or an ‘attempt to distablibize the peace of the nation’.The world must speak up against the lives of Christians in Nigeria. They matter too just as much as Black Lives Matter.#ChristianLivesMatter

    Photo Credit: ChristianNetworkNews.net

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