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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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    The humanitarian crisis, illegal immigration of MS13 gang members, terrorists, #ISIS members, illegal drugs affecting the youths and other crimes occurring daily at the #US – #Mexican border is a big concern to all lovers of the United States of America (USA).

    On the other hand, mainstream media in the likes of CNN, the Democrats, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have continued their resistance approach to President Donald J. Trump to build a strong wall at the southern border. It is an established fact that the #United #States is overwhelmingly exposed security wise without a wall built at the Mexican border. The #Democrats' preference of utilizing helicopter, drones, coast guards and soldiers to secure the border is not only a waste of #America's hard-earned resources but it is a total display of wickedness and hatred for President #Trump over the top concern in context – the security of United States citizens.

    The White #Americans who are the original settlers of American soil are called upon to rise up solidly behind President Trump to ensure the wall is built and completed. They should resist these illegal immigrants in America who are the empirical shadows of #Democrats, #Obama and the #Clintons. True Americans should stand up and defend their hard earned democracy which their forefathers fought and secured for them. If they carelessly allow Democrats to destroy their great nation, it would be very difficult for them to rebuild it.

    This was the same mistake made by #Turkey which was a #Christian country but now a full-blown #Muslim nation. #CNN has continued to attack President Trump accusing him of masterminding the killing of forty-nine persons at #Christchurch, #NewZealand which is uncalled for and which a sycophant act ought not to be attached to him without any proof of him condoning the inhuman act. He is absolutely innocent. How did CNN know that President Trump is the one that sent the perpetrators of the heinous crime? What of #Christians in thousands slaughtered like animals in #Kaduna #State and other parts of northern #Nigeria by the killer squad of #FulaniHerdsmen or the innocent citizens killed in the #JewishState of Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

    Is President Trump also the one that sent those killers as well? Why won't CNN allow President Trump to do his job? It is now evident that CNN, Democrats and Obama including the Clintons hate Donald J Trump 45th president with a perfect hatred but he is encouraged to remain strong and never lose hope. The true lovers of justice, equity and fairness are with him.

    We commend #President #Trump for making a great impact and exhibiting quality leadership traits to all and sundry. We encourage him to do more to execute these great good attributes that he posses as effective and efficient to the best of his knowledge.

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