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    President Donald J. Trump on Friday May 22, 2020 declared Churches and other houses of worship as "essential" as he called on Governors of the States to allow them reopen. With regards to walking the history lane of the United States, President Trump has remained outstanding in his total defence for religious liberty and freedom of worship when compared to the former Presidents. He was the first United States President to call for religious liberty in the United Nations.

    It is worthy of note that while some former Presidents e.g. Barrack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton all promised to recognise Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, they failed woefully in achieving it, but President Trump —within two years of his presidency— recognized and declared Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel and subsequently moved the U.S embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
    As the curve of Covid-19 pandemic is flattened in the United States, it is all due to proactive measures and outsanding leadership of President Trump who invoked the Defence Production Act leading to the Greatest health equipment mobilization after World War II.

    It is a total shock and absolutely unfair that Democrats, coupled with corrupt media, derive joy in closing down Churches and worship centres while beaches, bars, restaurants, grocery shops, etc., are opened. It is high time constructive journalism is restored in the United States considering that the level of bias exhibited by most U.S media-houses is unprecedented. President Trump is highly commended for standing firm on the opening of Churches and worship centres and recognising the Church as "essential" because faith and family are the bedrock of modest family in the United States.

    It is worthy to note that since guidelines can be put in place to reopen beaches, bars, restaurants, bards etc, then Churches must be given more greater recognitions. The United States is the largest Christian population in the world, hence the Governors of various States must also acknowledge that. They must also recognise that first amendment is a fundamental human right and, as such, American Citizens cannot be deprived of it in the guise of fight against Covid-19. The Churches and worship centres must be allowed to open as there are necessary precautions and provisions such as hand washing, use of hand sanitizers, social distancing, etc., that could be implemented among members.
    True Americans are emplored to effectively continue to support and pray for President Trump in his bid to maintain religious freedom and defend Christians across the globe, including those areas where Christians are in the minority.

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