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Monday, October 3, 2022

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    A 24-year-old Ayatollah Khomeini admirer-cum-Islamic extremist wannabe was arrested on Friday after fatally stabbing award-winning veteran British-American novelist, Salman Rushdie on stage. 

    Hadi Matar, 24, upon learning about Salman’s scheduled presentation at Chautauqua Institution, travelled down to SouthWestern New York to accost the author, carrying cash, a fake ID, and a knife—three plausible pieces of evidence of a pre-planned attack. Matar’s mother, Silvana Fardos, in an interview with reporters, openly disowned her son who is now facing charges of attempted murder. 

    Silvana also discloses that Hadi, until the attack, had locked himself in the basement of their Fairview home and cut off communication with her and his two sisters. “He became a different human being ever since he visited his Muslim father in Lebanon four years ago….and began blaming me for not raising him in the way of extremist Muslims” Mrs Silvana added.

    Matar, Fatwa and the Satanic Verses.
    Within the rapidly growing extremist section of Islam – the so-called religion of peace – Matar’s terrorist behaviour is peculiar but not new. What looked like a simple isolated attack is in reality, the pursuit of a $3 million bounty and the fulfilment of a 33-year-old declaration to kill Salman Rushdie. His crime? Satanic Verses. 

    In September 1988, Salman released Satanic Verses, a magic realism literary fiction with subtle anecdotal links to the Islamic prophet, Mohammed. Satanic Verses–in the very form of typical fiction writing inspired by reality–also made wry inferences to the popular Christian Archangel Michael and combined snippets of practices by other traditional belief systems to make up a hallucinatory storyline. Not much fuss, except for the camp of Islamic extremists who want Salman’s head on a platter for daring to mention Mohammed in a fiction novel.

    Iran Gloats over Salman’s Attack
    Iran has since praised Hadi Matar as a hero, calling the terrorist attack an act of “divine retribution.” There is zero remorse from the wild terrorist regime Joe Biden hopes to tame and befriend –not even for 75-year-old Salman, who stayed in hiding for close to three decades and may now have to carry on the rest of his years with a damaged right eye and liver.

    While the US and the UK continue to issue actionless statements of condemnation, it becomes pertinent to point out how little effort is put in place to curb Islamic terrorism and growing threats to freedom of speech. Both Western nations together hold the record for the most Islamic terror attacks across non-conflict regions of Europe. 

    Biden has repeatedly sought ways to rejuvenate the Iranian nuclear deal despite growing concerns over its potential to exacerbate terror attacks in against Israel and in Sub-Saharan Africa. Gullible and indoctrinated extremists like Hadi are motivated by the weakness and cluelessness of the west in the global war against religiously motivated terrorism.
    Lastly, the European Union and the United Nations must step up to their responsibility of enthroning freedom and fairness across the globe. Such dastardly utterances from the Iranian leader and the open declaration of a terrorist bounty, are actions deserving of sanctions. Both global bodies have made it a shameless sport to vilify Israel for daring to deal with terrorists appropriately while turning a blind eye to the atrocities of emboldened Islamic terrorists.   

    Hadi Matar must go to jail. And while in jail, the global Islamic terror network must be proscribed as a deadly movement deserving capital annihilation for the sanity of the world. 

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