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    “TO YOUR TENT O! CHRISTIANS ? By a concerned Nigerian The above statement was…


    By a concerned Nigerian

    The above statement was originally made in the holy book of the bible after #Rehoboam, the grandson of
    King #David, took over the throne after his father, King #Solomon who had put the people of Israel under
    much stress and strain due to the numerous projects he had to complete during his time. The people
    hoped for a relief and a lightening of their burdens but were shocked and utterly dismayed when they
    heard the pronouncement of the king to have their burdens rather increased in folds.
    Today as #Christians in a country like #Nigeria, suffers no differently as theirs has been a case of
    #Oppression, #Marginalization, open vicious attacks, systematic and #Intentional attempts to suppress and
    ultimately relegate this dominant religion to the waiting leash of insignificance. But did it start today?
    Certainly not! This has been going on for ages in this country. These anti-Christians, they secretly hate
    how the gospel is spreading. Otherwise how else would you explain a scenario where over the past 5-10
    years, the ratio of churches targeted at and destroyed, far outnumbers any other social or religious
    centre put together in the country. Early morning evangelists are being killed, priests are being
    massacred, Christians almost surely make the headlines as victims of fresh death tolls every time it is a
    Christian festive period.
    However these attrocities don’t sadden my heart as much as the thought of the fact that the current 2nd
    citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria is a #Christian but has done virtually nothing about it, only
    occasionally making the headlines for feet sweeping speeches and remarks laced with torpidity. Were
    we blessed or cursed to have Professor Yemi Osinbajo , a christian, as a vice President? I ask myself!. Why is
    it that the president comes through for his people, the people of his faith and does not fall short of their
    expectations but all we get from our supposed own Osibanjo is “prayers, thoughts and wishes”? Has a
    renowned senior advocate of Nigeria and a revered senior pastor become the toothless dog with an
    admirable bark?
    If the Vice President claims that there is little or nothing he can do, at that height and with all that
    power and influence, then it is safe to say he is a grave sore disappointment and has betrayed himself
    and all the people that took to the pools to vote a president because they believed his vice was a good
    man. worst of all, he has betrayed the foundation of his faith seeing that under his authority as the most
    senior christian in the position of political power, by virtue of his actions and inactions, Nigeria has
    recorded the worst case of the massacre of Christians in recent history. It is clear from Mr VP's actions
    that he has sniffed and intoxicated himself in the pheromone of politics and as such has placed the cart
    before the horse in abeyance of faith based reasoning.
    This piece singles out Prof. Yemi Osibanjo for passionate critism because to whom much is given, much
    is expected. The Holy Bible let’s us know that our light as Christians are not to be hidden at all especially
    at where and when it matters most, as such, there is no sit-on-the-fence with true Christianity
    regardless of position. We, by this message, urge the Vice President and every other Christian in
    positions of power to wake up from wide-eyed slumber and sit up, to stand and speak up, to defend the
    christian faith as much as it means to you and to remember that there will always be a day of reckoning!
    If the office proves a hinderance, poses incapacitation and a stifling of your hands to be committed to
    what you believe in, then resign and remain honourable before God and man!

    “Let none hear you idly say there is nothing you can do, when the souls of men are dying and the master
    calls for you………the least you do for Jesus will be precious in His sight


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