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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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    WHY IS ISLAM THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION? According to Pew Research Center, UK…


    According to Pew Research Center, UK, #Islam is fast becoming the world's dominant religion. The religion which is projected to grow by 70% from its current world population of about 1.8 billion to approximately 3 billion before the end of the mid century, is poised to usurp Christianity as the world's dominant religion in a few decades to come.

    While statisticans attribute the forecast to a projected increase in child birth amongst Muslims, a factor currently overlooked is the growing unity, cohesion and solidarity amongst #Muslims in times of distress amidst the increasing negative publicity.

    From the various killings targeting Muslims at Switzerland, Canada, Barcelona, Spain, NewZealand, Ethopia, Nigeria, The UnitedStates and the UnitedKingdom one can deduce unanimous avalanche of support, sympathy and solidarity amongst Muslims all over the world which is gradually dwindling in Christendom.

    #Christians during the centuries that witnessed the rise and dominance of the religion, were known amidst other qualities, to be united, audacious and vibrant in reacting to issues that affect their right to practice and vociferously blunt, in their quest for freedom of worship. But the last few decades, have witnessed a generally divided crop of Christians who are lethargic, extremely materialistic, increasingly apathetic and race/tribe/self-centered.

    #Christian persecution in #Asian and #African continents are steadily increasing but such "heroes of faith" and victims of persecution hardly receive the needed global solidarity and support that encourages their struggle and mounts pressure on their oppressors.

    More and more vibrant youths all over the world are finding the ideologies of Islam and its stern approach towards ensuring strict compliance to its doctrines more appealing than Christianity in general, which has added a lot more confusion and ambiguity to itself, as a result of its attempts to embrace and inculcate modernist ideologies to suit the changes in the world, thus losing the very people it hoped to gain by such change. A change largely promulgated by the #Pope, the head of the Roman #Catholic, the largest Christian subdivision.

    Christians all over the world must look inwards and retrace their steps back to the undiluted doctrines of #Jesus #Christ, the centerpiece of the #religion and the sterling qualities that made Him the greatest man that ever lived. One of these is, " being your brother's keeper" (especially a brother of similar faith), standing up for and voicing out what is right in re-echoing solidarity irrespective of race, tribe, class, socialist or political ideology.

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