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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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    WILL TWITTER STOP TRUMP? In the build up to the crucial November 2020 elections…


    In the build up to the crucial November 2020 elections, Mika Brezinski a left wing MSNBC journalist joins the band of teeming irate democrats, calling for the censorship of President Donald Trump’s twitter account.

    The former CBS correspondent who ironically earns a living by the law of freedom of speech and the absence of media censorship, now joins Kamala Harris and the legion of vituperative leftists enraged at their inability to censor Donald Trump and his counter-attacks to the barrage of fake news circulated and saturating the main stream media.

    This comes in the heat of the #Obamagate scandal which Trump has continued to trend from his personal twitter account to draw attention to the illegal spy by ex-president, Barrack Obama, on him in the build to the 2016 elections, the illegal unmasking allegedly ordered by Obama against General Flynn, as well as other Ukrainian corruption scandals involving the Democrat candidate, presumptive nominee Joe Biden and his son – Hunter Biden.

    The battle now becomes fierce as Trump is once again faced with a potpourri of left-wing propagandists media just as in 2017, trying to sell Biden, however terrible and inconsistent, as a better option against Trump. Obama initially advised Biden against running for President in a bid to protect his reputation which has been outshone by Trump and a waning legacy systematically uprooted by Trump’s long streak of excellence.

    Twitter has not released any statement on the petition and it appears it may not.

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